“ChotoNobab” A Young Man with his Camera


ChotoNobab is a Bangladeshi Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician and Youtuber. His real name is Ashraful Tushar, widely known as ChotoNobab. He was born on August 10th in Bangladesh. Even though he was born and raised in Bangladesh, his ideas and contents are parallel to those of the international creativity level.


He is an influential fashion and travel photographer whose journey started off with the driving force of Instagram photography and blogging. He collaborated with “Tales of Sunjida” during their visit to Bangladesh. His photography also played an active role in street photography in Dhaka. This versatile photographer’s work includes wildlife photography, commercial shoots, fashion and street photography. His passion for street photography can be found in his representation of the lifestyle of the boatman on the riverside, homeless people, street children, etc. Through his photography, the social scenario of Bangladesh has been highly promoted, which can influence ordinary people to realize the depth of the social crisis. His notable contribution in music and cinematography can be found in his music video titled “Tales of Tilottoma.” This music video has gained popularity through his YouTube channel and other social media. He is also active in writing unique lyrics for his own songs.

Family, Caste & Girlfriend:

He is not married yet, but there’s gossip around social media that he might be dating someone very special. In this matter of relationships, ChotoNobab always remained silent and ignored all the rumors.


By personality, ChotoNobab is a very simple man who loves photography more than anything else as his career choice. He is set on his path to becoming an international influence through his camera. While talking about his unique experiences, ChotoNobab said, “I consider my work to be an achievement; the freedom I get to go beyond and get to do something new and exciting every day.”

Social Activities:

Besides all these professional identities, ChotoNobab is renowned for his social activities in Bangladesh. He is the founder of “Bangladesh Welfare Organization”, which is relentlessly working to help the poor people in society. The main goal of this organization is to provide for all the basic needs of unprivileged people as human beings. ChotoNobab is running this organization in association with so many volunteers all around Bangladesh. They have successfully operated so many campaigns during the time of natural disasters.